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Kennedy Snider

Final Teapots

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The final teapots collection was created to challenge my technical skills and explore an aesthetic genre. The teapot is an object that evokes a sense of movement, and flow. The challenge of this collection was in bringing that flow into the form and surface of these vessels.

Still Life in Motion

As clay we are prone to gravity, a parasite to levity and drawn by centripetal forces until the wheel slows. The work presented here uses scale, and bodily imagery to imagine the parasitic forces of decay or regeneration. Presented with a kick powered wheel, the viewer is asked to become potter and clay. Experiencing the forces of creation to breathe the rhythm that is both making and being. 

Kennedy Snider

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Kennedy is a multidisciplinary artist interested in the role of craft in human experience. Her jewelry, prints, and ceramic sculptures explore what it means to be a vessel within our mystical world. Her functional ceramic works evoke a sense of curiosity and subdued playfulness, acting as vessels for our imagination.
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