Communication Design Strategy for Sada Polytechnic College

Mayura Colling

My plan for my thesis project was to produce a communications design strategy for a new college, which will be located in Vancouver. I knew I could work with the college’s stakeholders and decision-makers at the earliest stages of their planning and could participate in the formulation of their brand concept, mission statement, and statement of values. I wanted to formulate a design strategy that would help the college bring its strategic plan to life. The goal was to formulate a communication design strategy that would be of suficient quality and perceived effectiveness that the college would actually use it.

To create consistent messaging I came up with different examples showing how Sada can establish its identity. With innovative ways to display the logo through design options, I was able increase the applications of the logo to magnify the messaging and identity of the college. As the name gains notoriety, the words, “Soda Polytechnic College” can be dropped; the logo itself will be instantly recognizable.

I created a pattern that is discreet and fun for merchandising and physical enhancement of the logo.

Launch Campaign

For the launch campaign, I created a two-stage campaign. The first stage is a billboards, posters, and banners-based campaign spread across metropolitan areas, that heavily relies on the college’s motto “Making a Difference“. Only the logo, motto and the website address will be used to create curiosity.

During the first stage, individuals who are interested will go to the website and then will find out that Sada is a new college.

The second stage of the campaign is all about creating relatability. This will be the time to create identities that represent the target audience for Sada. Utilizing billboards and introducing messaging on social media, what Sada can do for individuals will begin to emerge.

After this two-step campaign, the goal will be that Sada will have gained name recognition and relatability for its target audience.

I was able to complete my thesis project through extensive research (including interviews and focus groups), brainstorming, ideation and prototyping with stakeholder feedback. I hope that you can see the college’s values, mission, and goals reflected in my design work.

Mayura Colling

I am an interdisciplinary designer from Vancouver, who enjoys learning something new from the past and implementing something from the past into new design. During my studies at Emily Carr University, I grew as a person (even though I thought I was a fully grown person already) and gained deeper appreciation for all types of design. I think good design comes from good intentions and starts from understanding who you are trying to help. I have keen interests in how non-human animals communicate with each other and believe that they are sentient beings just like us. I hope that I can utilize design to help bridge the gap between human and non-human animals. Please feel free to email me with any questions:
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