Shinyeong Park (Shin)

An injured magpie finds himself in the Dark Forest, the battlefield of the two opposing forces.
Not only must the magpie escape out of the forest with the last tiger, but he must also survive on a land full of dangers.


Film Information

NOTE: Because the production of this film is in progress, the duration is the work-in-progress video clip’s length instead of a full film.

Country of production: South Korea, Canada

Duration: 1min 52s

Media: 2D Digital animation

Genre: Adventure, war


Film by Shinyeong Park (Shin)

Sound Design by Jocelyn Geo Tang

Music by Hyeonji Im (E3)

Re-recording mix by Doug Paterson, mixed at Big World Sound

Cleanup & Colouring Assistance by Angela Almero, Andrea Chiang, Rachel Liu

Artist Statement

“As a 1.5 generation immigrant of Canada, my knowledge of Korean history remains from the 5th grade elementary level of formal education of Korea. One of the historical events that still affect my cultural background is the Division of Korea and the Korean War (1950-1953) which still continues today without an official declaration of the end of the war.

“With its title derived from the demilitarized zone (DMZ), my intention with the film is to portray that bitter history set in the DMZ that surrounds the border between North and South Korea. This zone of untouched nature has 101 endangered species native to the Korean peninsula. But, it also has barbed-wire fences confining any wildlife in that space. The space full of past war’s legacy, landmines, guard posts, and soldiers on surveillance who were once one nation.”

– Shin, Park

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Shinyeong Park (Shin)

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Shin Park is a Vancouver-based illustrator and 2D animator. As a bi-cultural individual, her experience of travelling back and forth between South Korea and Canada has developed her interests in wildlife, fantastical creatures, myths, and Korean culture. These influences are often depicted through her character designs and animations. While at Emily Carr University of Art + Design, she studied the process of short animated film production planning, animation principles, 2D software, and storyboarding. She is looking forward the transition into the animation industry to collaborate with artists to expand and share knowledge in animation.
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