Joshua Ralph

Live event: 2D Animation Film Screenings | May 21, 7:00 pm

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Color Script

18 images, depicting the film's color script from left to right, up and down.


Organic supplies sourced from invasive species, dead plant material, and farmed moss

Other mediums include paper, acrylic paint, tissue

A paper and wood undecorated work in progress of the film's forest scenery stop motion set. There are five trees and various patches of paper bushes and grass.
A decorated version of the forest scenery stop-motion set prior to shooting, ther is a green screen in the background. There are five trees, two sticks, two rocks, and six bushes/leaves.


Music & Sound Design – Ryan Yoshikami

Narration – Daria Melnik

3D Animation – Karmyn Chretien

Animation Color & Clean – Cameron Kletke, Mia Milardo

Re-Recording Mixer – Doug Paterson, Mixed at Big World Sound

Technical Support – Chris Strickler

Special Thanks

Peers of 2DAN-410

Lorelei Pepi

Scott Mallory

Leslie Bishko

Darren Brereton

Tyler Friso

Kathleen Jacques

Maya Patrich

Patterned animation of a stylized greyscale drawing of an eagle, one flying and one walking

Award Recipient

  • John C. Kerr Chancellor Emeritus Award for Excellence in Media Arts

Joshua Ralph

I am a 2D animator and compositor whose work centers around the creation of character-driven narratives. Through the digital medium, I’ve continued to favour imagery of the natural world, highlighting technology’s impact on both the environment and the lives within it. I also enjoy spending my time looking at birds.
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