Annie Xu

Film Synopsis

A man addicted to gambling away his money ends up with only a single hundred dollar left.


Director: Annie Xu
Music Composers: Kevin Macleod, Sappheiros
Sound Design: Annie Xu, InspectorJ,

Special Thanks to Emily Carr University and my graduating class of 2021

Artist Statement

I made this film to expand my capabilities in storytelling. I want to able to convey story across a multitude of genres and this time I tried my hand at a tragedy. I wanted to try telling it in a different way, in a POV perspective to challenge myself in seeing if I could convey my ideas if it was in this format instead. I believe there are many ways one could tell stories to express themselves.

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Annie Xu

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Annie Xu is a 3D artist from Vancouver, BC, with aspirations to become a layout and/or storyboard artist in the future.