Shiqi Ruan

Title: Revolve
Year Completed: 2021
Country of production: Canada
Media: 3D CG

Director: Shiqi Ruan
Music Composer: Ke Xiong

A boy in his journey to search and follow
along an unknown direction, which only depends
on a compass in his hand.

In this movie, I am interested in the visual representation of one’s searching and discovering
experience and the sensation of getting lost and loneliness during such a process. For the style of characters
and their compass, I was inspired by the idea that in this era with the information explosion, people
sometimes find themselves lost and aimless in such an environment. I chose the medium of 3D
animation to achieve such a sense of space.

Shiqi Ruan

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I was born and raised in China, and I came to Canada to finish my secondary school degree. Influenced by my personal experience, I became interested in the multicultural circumstance of the world. I am a graduate student in 3D animation at Emily Carr University and will continue my study for a master's degree after graduation.
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