“PAWS” 3D Animated Short

Aktash Singh

“My dog ate my homework” The most generic ‘excuse’ everyone’s heard of is ironically infused in Guddu’s tale. Guddu is stuck after school convincing his teacher Mr. Sharma to why his book report is torn in half and couldn’t be submitted on time. The student takes Mr. Sharma to the day before where it all happened in his house, alone at night with his dog Ki-Ki”.

Artists Statement:

The film uses a humour and cheesy horror sattire to highlight the themes of a faulty education system. How easy it is for the adults to challenge a young one’s credibility. The constant academic pressure and the faulty education system leads to mental and physical illnesses. At the end of the day a student’s wellbeing is more important than their assignment. The title PAWS is a play on the JAWS of the 70’s by Spielberg.

Aktash Singh

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Born in New Delhi and currently residing in Vancouver, Canada to persue a career in the 3D animation industry. I will be looking forward to working in the industry as a 3D Modeler. I hope to work in films as well as videogames post graduation.
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