Kazakhstan: Great Kazakhs.

Aisulu Aldaniyazova

Collaborative Immersive Storytelling Exhibit with Darizhan Adilkhanova. Kazakhstan: True Colors. Great Kazakhs.

Goal: To give space and opportunity for the future generations to endure our cultural legacy, and to respectfully acknowledge the extensive heritage of Kazakh Culture.

“Let me introduce the history of Kazakhstan. I would like to tell you, the way it has evolved over the centuries, by the hard work of some very special people. I would like to tell you about Kazakhstan through the stories of five people who helped to form the cultural values that we know today. Thus, you can fully experience the greatness of the Kazakh people and the spiritual wealth of our country.” – Aisulu Aldaniyazova (Kazakhstan: True Colors. Great Kazakhs).

As I started working on this project, I was fascinated by the great work of my ancestors. The project has a personal goal, which is to pay tribute to my great-great father Zhumat Shanin, who is the first founder of the Kazakh National Theatre, director, and a playwright. I wanted to address the problem, that the enlighteners of the Kazakh Nation are slowly vanishing from the memory of Kazakh people. Thus, I also wanted to acknowledge to the international audience that Kazakh nation appeared earlier than the country declared it’s independence, and that there are scientists, and writers that had a great influence on the formation of the world’s literature, science, and music.

This is an educational project, which acknowledges the history of Kazakhstan through the Great representatives of the Kazakh culture. My intention was to represent Kazakhstan through a medium, in which person would interact with the history, not only through the written context, but also through visual, and musical narration.

My project “Kazakhstan:Great Kazakhs” is a part of the collaborative exhibit that we directed with my fellow Communication Design classmate Darizhan Adilkhanova, the designer of “Kazakhstan: True Colors”. Together we directed the overall aesthetics of the exhibit. We challenged ourselves to work through Project Mapping. We worked on Exhibit Identity, marketing material, such as invitations, post cards, hoodies, instagram and etc. Due to COVID-19 regulations, we were not able to host an event, as we planned, but, we created a great concept for the immersive experience. The skill set that I personally gained, was: art direction, exhibit design, set design, and technical part, like video editing.

Final Concept Video

Link for inside the exhibit experience https://youtu.be/O7oxiOBfgac

Aisulu Aldaniyazova

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My name is Aisulu Aldaniyazova. I was born in Almaty, Kazakhstan. In January 2018, I moved to Vancouver to get my Design Degree. Art has always been a part of my life. My family played a major role on shaping my understanding of art and design. I've always wanted to become a part of the art and design culture, but I couldn't decide in which direction to pursue. Moving to Canada, and getting into Emily Carr University helped me to find my creative voice. My university experience had diversified the skills and knowledge in the world of art and design. It was the time when I discovered the Communication Design path, which became a great opportunity to gain new skills, such as: printmaking, drawing, painting, photography, typography, illustration and video editing. I consider myself a multidisciplinary designer, who is passionate to work collaboratively, and individually. I love challenging projects, in which I grow as a designer, and as individual. Feel free to get in touch with me. I am open for discussing new creative ideas, projects, and become a part of your creative visions.
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