STRAW Project + Few Worlds Project

(Hazel) Xianghui Ho

The STRAW Project is a collection of environment art, while the Few Worlds Project is centred on character concepts.

STRAW Project

The STRAW (Stations, Realms And Waters) Project is an ongoing series of environment paintings that depicts stations alongside a body of water within one or more fantasy worlds. All the works in this project as a whole, operate almost like a stream of consciousness: they are free from being tied to a single narrative and will serve as subtle connections to more works in progress (to be revealed soon!) with slightly varying themes.

Lotus Train Station
Underwater Train Station
Plant Lab Train Station
Plant Lab Train Station Night Version


Underwater Station Thumbnails
Plant Lab Station Thumbnails

Few Worlds Project

The Few Worlds Project is a narrative based concept art project inspired by the story of The Little Mermaid by Hans Christian Andersen. Moreover, it also follows the structure of Lightbox Expo’s recent character design challenge -Box of Mystery. In the Lightbox Expo challenge, participants are invited to design six characters with specific traits (leader, brave, joyful, mischievous, serious and wild) under the theme of Box of Mystery.

In my project, the Few Worlds Project, I designed six characters using the same six listed traits, but for a different theme and story – that has similarities to parts of The Little Mermaid but with a big twist! The story will be about two worlds and a witch, but will also be about creatures, magic, and themes of technology, human advancement, planets and our relationship with the environment.

Few Worlds Project Character Line Up

A little girl from a dark, crumbling and abandoned world searches for the legendary place where humans have left for a century ago, and longs to be part of it.

Wild Character Key Art Rough Thumbnails

Thank you for your time and for reading this far down the page! I hope you have enjoyed my works. If you have any comments or feedback, please let me know! Thank you!
There will be more works to be added into the STRAW Project soon. Please feel free to check out my website or Instagram (@hazeandmirrors) for more pieces from the project or to see my other works!
Both projects served as a tough yet exciting challenge to explore, try out, practice and experience drawing new subjects, methods and perspectives that were outside of my comfort zone. Big big thank you to my professors, especially Amory, Daniel, Jeremy, Lorelei and Vjeko, for all the amazing support, help, encouragement and fun classes! and to my fellow graduates, congratulations! Happy Graduation!! 😀 You did it! 🙂

Wish you all a safe and healthy 2021!

Award Recipient

  • Opus Art Supplies Graduation Award BFA

(Hazel) Xianghui Ho

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Hazel is an illustrator who works primarily in digital and in watercolours. While some of her works express the notions of warmth, wonder and calm, others embody a rich sense of action, fluidity and vivid energy. Overall, Hazel is passionate about creating both detailed conceptual art and more minimal illustrations with a focus on story, “worlds,” emotion and fun! In her free time, Hazel likes to play badminton, eat good food, look at clouds, take photos, watch korean dramas, reflect on life and make new friends.
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