Jingtong Chang

Perpetuate Meanings and Connotations.

"This design speculates if daily used tools or instruments could lead us into a tranquil state, awaking a sensation of valuing intimacy and calmness at the moment when interactions start. In its form as a table, it possesses the potentials to flow into ones’ domestic life in intuitively seamless ways."

“Subtle realizes itself as a representational embodiment, which contains a series of familiar domestic tools embedded into its top. Each one of them comes from participants' personal collection, imbuing meanings while evoking contemplations."

We Listen, We Touch, We Contemplate
Be Connected, Be Engaged

Jingtong Chang

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Design, as Jingtong believes, is a language that has embedded in our way of living. It sparks everything. In this ever-shifting matrix, she positions herself as an activist who roams under topics on objects and space.
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