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Nanxi Feng

Grad Film

Artist statement:

For me, the most important purpose of a documentary is not to record, but to express.

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Log line + synopsis:

In December 2019, the Coronavirus disease broke out in Wuhan, China. After that, the epidemic spread to the whole world. People have been infected with the virus one after another, ranging from colds and fevers to losing their lives. People are in panic all the time. However, in my opinion, human nature is more terrifying than viruses. During the outbreak of the epidemic, various discrimination issues also followed.  They occur between individual and individual, regions and regions, countries and countries, races and races.

Project description/ behind the story:

Many patients with COVID-19 have been isolated and discriminated against as if all the fault was on them not the virus. Some patients are isolated by normal people. Their friends and colleagues abuse them like mobile viruses. Even their hometowns are discriminated against. Online violence and language and physical conflicts occur frequently. Later, it intensified and rose to the issue of national and racial discrimination. My friends and I study abroad in Canada. we all personally experienced some cases of discrimination problem. So, this documentary will reflect a series of human nature issues triggered by the epidemic through the stories shared by my friends and me.

The reason I would like to produce the film is that I want to tell the audience how patients with COVID-19 have to be treated unfairly and hope people can treat the patients without racial and regional discrimination and be more rational and tolerant via my film.

Technical specs:

  • Cameras: RED Raven, Canon EOS, Sony 6600, iPhone X
  • Recorder: Roland R26
  • Microphones: Sennheiser ME66 Shotgun Mic with Windshield, RODE
  • Lightings: DMG Mini Switch LED Kit, Ledgo LG-B560 LED Kit

Production credits:

Director/Producer/Writer: Nanxi Feng

Assistant Director: Yuqian Zhang

Camera: Yueming Hong

Editor: Nanxi Feng

Location Sound: Daiying Liu, Emma Shang

Lighting: Ge Zhang

Interviewees: Nanxi Feng, Yunzhou Liu, Ziqiu Zhang

Thanks to:

Harry Killas

Carlito Ghioni

Lindsay McIntyre

Jetlag Film Studio

Award Recipient

  • ECU Graduation Award for Anti-Racism + Social Justice – Media

Nanxi Feng

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Nanxi Feng, who was born in Beijing China on July 10, 1995. She has been fond of art since she was a child. After six years of study, she graduated from The Attached Middle School to The Central Academy of Art & Design in 2014. In 2018, she received her first bachelor's degree in design at Beijing Technology and Business University. Then she came to expand the media field in Vancouver and completed her second degree in Film and Screen Art at Emily Carr University of Art + Design in 2021.
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