Terra Bella

Adam Qiu

Terre Bella is an original IP creation. Inspired by the rumors of Onion Town, it’s a series of concept art which explores themes of maturity and the darker side of humanity. The title of my series called Terre Bella roughly translate in Latin meaning beautiful earth. When you say it out loud, the double meaning appears as it sounds like terrible.  The inspirations for my project come from the various horror media I’ve consumed and grown up with. I love the horror media because of how diverse it can be and if executed well it sticks with the audience for years to come. The story takes place in a backwater town in the outskirts of New York State. Seeking the ultimate thrill, a lonely vagabond stumbles in the town of Terra Bella, he sticks around seeking to become a hero like from all the video games he’s played.

Concept Art

Bosses and Enemy Types

The first boss fight in the game. Bluebeard was based off the French folklore of Barbe bleue, one of the original boogey men who was said to seduce women and take them away. It’s said that Barbe bleue was based off the real French aristocrat Gilles de Rais who was tried for murdering children.

Main Protagonist and Weapon Exploration

The main protagonist has a coat with multiple zippers to hide weapons. It’s a satirical riff in which lots of video games where the characters would stash a lot or giant items in their back pocket with no visible discomfort or anything of the sort. Needless to say, it’s airport security’s worse nightmare.

Shop Keeper and Props Explorations

Main Hub World

Adam Qiu

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Born in the ever-lasting rainy Vancouver, Adam Qiu, spent his entire youth playing video games and watching cartoons. Leveling up through life, he’s always been interested in fantasy, horror, and the monstrous. First taking art as a hobby, it soon transformed into a full-time career and passion. Surviving through the penitentiary known as the education system, what kept him sane was his admiration for drawing. Adam’s art initially explored horror and dark fantasy but soon explored more satirical themes. Two years into his university degree, he got his first break into graphic design and since then he’s been hungry for more opportunities in the concept art industry. When he is not creating, you can find him in his unlit room, chugging away at sugary high caffeinated drinks and playing video games. If he’s not gaming, he’s sleeping the day away dreaming of future projects.
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