We Are in (a) Space!

Vannysha Chang

You have now entered a space of stories…

…stemmed from people’s exploration of spaces. Feel free to stroll scroll through the exhibits on your own or play the audio guides provided in each area and dive back into moments of your childhood as stories are read to you.

Which area would you like to explore?

Click on the area you would like to visit.

Enter a world of square moon and square stars. Follow the adventures of a little girl as she finds friends in the light and in the dark.

Role play as a detective working on a case. Unveil the mysteries of your own home.

Enter a room of talking, living furnitures. Ask questions, converse, listen, and find unexpected wisdom.

The secret room behind the bookcase.

How did these stories come to be?

It all started with a prompt. Click the button below to get a peek into the creation process—starting from the initial idea to the writing, illustrating, and production.

A world made up of people.

I only managed to safely land at the end of this project because of these lovely people:

Mentors and teachers who had kindly shared their wisdom and expertise—Katherine Gillieson, Charlotte Falk, Robin Mitchell-Cranfield, and Julie Morstad.

People who had generously given their time and energy to respond to my prompts, contributed to the stories, and helped me at so many points of the project—my mom and dad, Ardiyan, Shellynda, Grishelda, Sienna, Aso Desi, Emma, Aso Xiaoling, Novi, Vivian, Sunny, Bright, Glory, Ive, Lenny, Cinta, Cilvia, Eric, Elethea, Morgan, Ajra, Garima, Hannah, Ruby, Jone, Arina, Kevin, Malika, Amanda, Carlos from the DOC, our COMD tech Kathleen, and, of course, our comd frens <3

Vannysha Chang

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Communication designer and illustrator focusing on children’s stories. Obsessed with storytelling and world-building. Currently working on an interactive picturebook. Born and raised in Indonesia, currently residing in Vancouver, BC. Has a profound appreciation for sunlight and blue skies since moving to Vancouver. Can often be found binge-watching tv shows at anytime of the day and night. Favourite activity includes going to the bookstore and browsing through every picturebook. Has three younger siblings who are also obsessed with stories, books, movies, and television shows.
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