The Age of Blue

Siqi Yang


The Age of Blue is an artist book that is infused with life, death, dream, past and future. As we are essentially a continuous stream of consciousness made up of speeding thoughts, hidden desires, disconnected images: it is a graphic novel in its formlessness.

All drawings are digitally produced. Printed in Risograph machine and produced produced through Japanese binding.

Siqi Yang

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Siqi is a Wuhan-based illustrator. Her works are mostly colorless as she is an artist of both digital and traditional. Her printing practices include lithographies and silkscreen. Attempting to get lost in intense line works, she re-envisions sublimes and immensity through various meanings. “I am deeply fascinated by the majesty and power of nature, therefore have decided to explore deeply and conceptually the visualizations of landscapes. Humbly, my goal is to make pieces from a hyper-image that is opposed to a logic-oriented, anthropocentric mindset. “
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