The Room

Jinyi Liu

Pandemic Surrealist Digital Illustration

Jinyi Liu (Lucas)

COVID, pandemic, face mask, sanitization… Our life has morphed significantly since the outbreak of COVID-19. From Canada discovered its first COVID case, news, radios, newspapers and broadcasts have bombarded us with disease updates daily. The pandemic is a human society tsunami that made an overturning impact on everyone. 

As a result, my daily routine has shifted from outdoor to indoor majorly. During my spare time, I enjoy diving into my own literary collection. They are the best relaxation for finding mental peace. Among the collection, The Little Prince is one of my favourite novellas, written by French aristocrat, writer, and aviator, Antoine de Saint-Exupéry. 

The wandering journey of the little prince inspired me to find unseen paths at home. The physical limit of space disappears when I continually explore the indoor environment. Unexpectedly, the process of self-discovery evoked a new understanding of space. After a few days of meditation, I decided to create a series of surrealist digital illustrations to deliver the message: If we can unlock our vision from physical space limitation, we will gain infinite freedom from our inner space. Let us have a trip that explores the path from panic to peace.

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Jinyi Liu

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