Virtual Loops

Mollie Burke

1 + 2. Exhibition, 2020.

1 + 2, Installation View. Works (from left to right of image) 01, 02, Processing, 04, 03. Plexiglass, bolts, nuts, synthetic polymer, silicone, organza (fabric), shadows. 2020.

Suture. Exhibition, 2021.

Suture, (Installation View): 002b9e (left: blue), e8ed8f (right: yellow) 2021. Organza fabric, acrylic, silicone, synthetic polymer, bolts, nuts, light. 


My graduate work is interested in the collision between painting and media theory. This interception results in a disfigurement of painting, breaking down the picture plane and the notion of a singular surface. The body of work over the past year expands painting into small units of dried paint, singular brushmarks, and plexiglass colour swatches to explore digitality as a form of abstraction through a distinctly material method. Space, processes of digital output, light, and construction are elements of assembling perceptual moments that circle around fragmentation, information dispersal, and reduction.

“Virtual Loops” is a reference to the double use of the term “virtual” as describing digital spaces, but also as being nearly something – almost, but not quite. The Loop is a reference to feedback loops of information and data flows, a key concept in cybernetics. This work attempts to capture the state of being within a loop, transmitting back and forth between digital and analog spaces, yet always understanding that this attempt is perpetually a virtual one.

This website showcases details of the works themselves to create an impression rather than trying to directly translate. It operates adjacently. For more complete images please see the link below.

Mollie Burke

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Mollie Burke received her BA from McGil University in art history and cultural theory, and a diploma of fine arts from Langara college. During her graduate degree she was awarded the SSHRC graduate scholarship, the SHUMKA artist apprenticeship position, and has been and continues to work on multiple University led research projects as a research assistant.
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