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Jasmine Hsu

Introduction: The BeeLuArt shop was established in late 2020 to bring my personal illustrations and voices to life in various forms of accessories and stationery. Hopefully, everyone is able to find some inspiration after visiting my shop, and my products can bring joy to those who have decided to bring them home.

How It Started…

During the first 3 years of my study at Emily Carr University, I participated in the annual student art sale every year and sold many traditional (acrylic on canvas) landscape paintings.

Then a few of my customers reached out to me and said that they weren’t able to purchase some of the paintings because they were sold out too quickly, so I decided to open my own online shop to sell prints based on those sold paintings.

Aside from the landscape prints, I also started selling stickers with my ink illustrations, and I realized that I enjoy making these small stickers than painting acrylic landscapes and selling landscape prints. Each little illustration/sticker represents a small part of me that allows me to share my thoughts and connect with my audiences, and it makes me extremely happy when my audiences are able to feel entertained when they see my illustrations and the final products in their hands.

Art Communities…

I’m very grateful that I was able to join several art communities across the internet because they introduced me to the power of crowdfunding. I was then able to publish several crowdfunding campaigns on Kickstarter to expand my product line. (links are available under each banner)

As a result, I created many accessories and stationeries with my illustrations.

Every product has a story behind them!

Although I didn’t create a full-sized character sheet for every single character I have transformed into products to show all dimensions of their unique characteristics, I did enjoy the process of creating these dynamic characters and being able to give them lively expressions and meaningful background stories. The character “Cobie” was the original concept behind the entire corgi enamel pin series, given the characteristics of playful and charming, Cobie could always bring joy to people around him. One day, I wish I could bring Carol to life as well.

Here’s where the adventure begins and I’m definitely looking forward to bring more happiness to the community through my illustrations.

Jasmine Hsu

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Jasmine Hsu is a children’s book illustrator and a concept artist based in Vancouver, Canada. During her early artistic practice, she has done a few online gallery group exhibitions with her traditional paintings and has remarkably sold several paintings for over thousands of Canadian dollars each. As an independent artist, she is selling her kawaii illustrations in the forms of prints, stickers, and enamel pins through art sales and her website. Her illustrated characters are lively, charming, and full of colorful emotions while the background art compliments the subjects, all together, they create a harmonious drawing that tells stories. She demonstrates proficiency in using both traditional materials and digital software.
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