the dot

mahsan abedi

A visual and sonic poem inspired by the idea of a conflicted dot that goes to great lengths to be something ‘more’ and in getting carried away and trying ‘too hard’ ends up multiplying into endless intersecting timelines spread across many pasts, presents, and futures – only to realize she’s back to being a dot at her most fulfilled state. 

In making this piece I reflected on notions of time, identity, and voice, sifting through a large body of mostly unprocessed video footage I had accumulated over the years, while combining my lifelong interest in words and poetry with the strong urge to capture moods and atmospheres visually and sonically.

‘the dot’ is a personal piece that not only represents the end of my journey at Emily Carr, it also serves as a fond farewell to other life journeys that are coming to an end. In a way, this work made way for a great deal of healing and reconciling. It also lead to some incredible insight into the possibilities that exist when it comes to creative expression – a topic I intend to explore and build on as part of the couselling studies and art therapy practice I aim to pursue.

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mahsan abedi

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