HKIECA – A Tale of Two Sisters

Vivian Chan


A heartwarming story of two sisters that were separated but reunited again; they learn about bonds, grief, and the d̴ař̸͜k̷ t̷ru̷̠͊t̵̀ḫ̸̊ co̷v̴eri̶ng̶ their city.

Kwan Ga Yee

Older Sister – Determined to find a better living situation, she leaves for military. Leaving her younger sister to wait for her.

Mechanical Leg– An incident during her military service. As a reward for being a “prime” soldier, she received a replacement.

Episodes – She came back, but she came back… d̸̰̏i̶f̵̠̀fer̷̝͛e̵nt. Her m̵͆in̴d̸̦̄ has been played with. What happened?

Kwan Yin Mei

Younger Sister – Waiting for Ga Yee, she learns nursing from a fellow and gains some wages sustaining herself.

Bag – She is quite a useful person, getting objects that range from a flashlight to syringes. She is quite prepared!

Wound̷ ̸ – The first encounter ̴w̸ith her̴ ̶r̴e̴t̴u̸rning ̵̱̀ș̸͊i̷̡̋s̷͕̃t̸̝̕e̵̬̒r̷͓̎ ̷̡̿d̵̹̍ȋ̶̦d’nt̵̟̓ go ̴̹͌a̵̧̅ś̶͓ ̷͙̏ẉ̴̃ë̸̘́l̶̼͌l̷̰͋.̶͇̊ as expected.


Styles – Exploration towards game and cartoon. Highly rendered to very detailed lineart.

Mix N Match – Experimenting with different mechanical augmentation and wardrobe.

Job Occupation – Mechanic to Assassin to a more Civilian Clothing.

Balance – Implied Science fiction against Explicit Science fiction.

Everyday Life – Recent technology advancements were made, but doesn’t swallow the immense culture of the city.

Characterization – Descent into madness?


Blue Sky – Vast plains, rocks, and right in the middle of it, an industrial hub.

Grey Drafts – Experimenting perspectives and prospective locations.

Keyframes – Nightmares and accidents.

Landscape – Exploring ideas of where the city of Hkieca could be. From high altitudes to next to the shore.

Banners – Used as decorations, there are lots of banners, kites, and lamps.

Life – Nature springing from the more extreme locations.

Sunrises N Sunsets – Mountains and hills framing the ascent of the sun.

Religion – Heavily based around the sun. The sun is also served as an energy source.

This project is dedicated to my dear sister, Karina.

Thanks to all my friends, family and those that have supported me along the way!


Honourable Mention

  • Opus Art Supplies Graduation Award BFA

Vivian Chan

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I am a Chinese Panamanian Concept Artist based in Vancouver, BC. I graduated from Emily Carr University of Art + Design studying Illustration. I am inspired by the world around me and how fantastical it can be. My favorite part of my job is implementing small easter eggs to fully complete the story!
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