Learning Chinese Through Calligraphy

Katherine Hoffman


What inspired me to do this kit was to get in touch with my Chinese culture. As someone who is mixed race, I feel that my Chinese is not that great, in the sense that my communication skills are not at a level where I can have a 1 hour or more conversation with family and friends. So I always wanted and still want to improve my Chinese vocabulary.  And a way I want to learn is through Calligraphy because the character has its own visual meaning that is memorable. When I was in pre-school, the teacher-tested me on different words and flashed up the word cat and I could not guess what it was. Then my mom taught me the word cat in Chinese and I could remember it well because it was just one syllable and the character was in an interesting form to where I can remember it. Because of that, Chinese is a visual language where when I learn a character I can remember its form and meaning because it is so visual.  In many ways wanted to be more connected with my culture through a visual art form.


For my kit, I wanted it to include an instruction booklet, a calligraphy brush as well as a board to write on. Where there is no ink required but just water and the characters will disappear in minutes.