Let Music Heal Us

Eliza Rose

Music Listening Kit

I made this kit so users could have a space to explore how music makes them feel. Music has the power to bring people together in all sorts of ways. Songs can hold diverse memories reminding us of our complex lives and everything we’ve been through.

Instruction card that comes with each kit.
Visual brand guidelines for LMHU.

Wellness can be anything that helps a person feel more in touch with their emotions. For me, that could simply be listening to music while thinking about a song’s personal meaning. Music has an incredible healing power that inspires listeners and is ultimately the soundtrack to our lives.

Let music heal us.

A music journal is included in each kit so people can hold their thoughts and reference them later.
A bag of stickers comes with each kit.
Prompt cards are included in each kit with three themes.

Eliza Rose

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Eliza Rose is a graduating from Emily Carr with a bachelor of design in communication design. This past academic year her focus included mental health advocacy, designs for music, and creative marketing.
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