Localogy- an app for engaging with plants.

Jayme Fulton

Localogy is a tool made to encourage habits around local plant learning.

Users & Intent

This plant learning application and service design is for people living in Vancouver or surrounding municipalities to engage in the everyday joy of connecting to plants.

The App

The Localogy app is the main slice of the service that I’ve worked on developing this year. This was the bulk of my work during the second semester. I decided that the most accessible way for people to carry Localogy along with them throughout their daily lives was using a mobile app as a learning, knowledge holding, and journaling tool. Some of the key features I’ve worked on designing are plant identification, and plant journaling. 

What makes Localogy different?

It creates a space for learning where users are able to record their experiences, and hold on to new knowledge. This helps people strengthen and repair their relationships to the natural world through understanding plants, just a step outside their door.

Plant ID Cards

During the first semester of the school year I was very focused on physical learning cards. I had decided that a key feature of Localogy would be plant identification. I experimented with this through user testing of plant id card prototypes. I paid attention to how people interacted with these cards, how much they enjoyed the experience and what they learned. 

The Service

This short promo video displays what the service of Localogy would look like for someone coming across an informative sign in a local park. 

Jayme Fulton

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Hi! My name is Jayme Fulton and I am an interaction designer and practicing artist from London, Ontario. In my interaction design practice and personal projects I am inspired by human-nature relationships and natural systems. I am a designer who demonstrates an ability to work in response to social-cultural and ecological-planetary values, while continuously shifting and reframing designs in response to challenges.
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