Dory Xu

Design a tool that will support creatives in their professional business practices, encourage business literacy into creative industries, and help cultivate community connection amongst creatives within their industries.

Process Book


Creatives often have a lack of proper business education. With no proper instruction on business operations, project management, finances and more, self-starting creatives are left to their own means of navigating the professional industries which can often take up unnecessary time, money, and energy.


  • Students
  • Self-starting creatives
  • Freelancers
  • Career transitioners
  • Entrepreneurs
  • Post-grads



Educational Resources

Bring business literacy to the creative world by providing tools and resources to further bridge the gap between business and creativity.

Curated Learning

Help guide creatives in their self-directed careers through personalization and understanding individual needs.

Creative Community

Cultivate a creative business community built on mutual empowerment and support.




The Quiz

The user is taken through a series of questions to help the system come up with recommended resources catered to each individual’s particular needs.

Curated Resources

Quiz responses from users are made into personalized kits specifically curated towards their individual areas of learning and expertise.

Home Page

The Strike home page is a collection of information and inspiration in the form of videos, blogs, audio interviews, and more. Here, you can enter keywords into the search bar to browse through specific topics, add posts to your saved boards, as well as use the browser extension to save pages and articles outside of Strike and into your boards.

Shared Page

Browse through boards made by others as another source of inspiration.

Community Page

The community page is designed to connect users with creatives beyond their mutual friends and explore groups ​of likeminded others and top industry creatives.

User Profile

The user profile is designed to showcase the user’s professional experience, portfolio, and their areas of expertise. Others can look through online resources they created/are featured in, as well as browse their shared boards to find new resources and inspiration.

Dory Xu

Dory Xu is an interdisciplinary communication designer with extending interests in brand identity and illustration. Her work seeks to experiment with print and digital modes of production, using visual communication as a tool to explore topics like cultural identity, sustainability, and business in the creative work force. Having recently graduated from Emily Carr University, Dory hopes to continue her visual practice through various freelance and entrepreneurial endeavours.
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