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Li Ting Leah Wang

Artist Statement

To chase perfection in an unstable process, the tactile and physical process of making ceramics is something that is fascinate to me. I love working with media such as ceramic and wood, experiment with the similarities and differences between these two natural materials. I will always be surprised when my ceramics come out from the kiln. Ceramics is something that you will never know how it will turn out – that is why I am fascinated about. It is interesting to create geometric shapes and harsh edges with such an organic material. The physical connection with my own art through the laborious process gives me satisfaction. 

During my senior year, I started to focus on more precise details and geometric shapes in the form of my work, as well as the mechanical component that creates movement and interaction between the work and the audiences. Working with ceramics, the art practice with minimalism and architecutre gives a “system” to this very traditional organic medium. It is interesting to see the contrast and how mechanical can give and take part in ceramics.


Ceramics, cedar wood


Food Chains

Ceramics, wood



Ceramics, wood

Ceramics and sound art installation that collaborated with Yaoxi Sharon He.


The Waves

Porcelain, wood, LED Lights


Interactive ceramics wall piece which used motion activated lights so that audiences can interact with it in the dark.

The System

Ceramics, wood


Li Ting Leah Wang

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Liting Wang is an emerging artist from Taiwan and moved to Canada in 2010. She received a diploma in Visual Arts at Camosun College in Victoria B.C., Canada, and currently is graduating from Emily Carr University of Art and Design. Wang is interested in ceramic and sculpture. She combines natural materials such as clay and wood to explores and creates their coherence in space, shape and texture, as well as the mechanical component that creates movement and interaction between the work and the audiences in the contemporary practice.
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