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Artist Statement

For my grad project, I focused on the development and execution of the beginning of my original comic Sacra’s Secret. Over the past couple years, I have written the script and created the plot and the characters for Sacra’s Secret. The first half of the term was dedicated to completing the pre-production and concepts for my comic. I worked on finalizing the character designs and the concept art relevant to the first few chapters before illustrating the comic pages. I went for a western graphic novel style of panelling with full colour to appeal to a young adult audience. I ended up completing the first 14 pages and hope to continue this project in the future.


In 3049, humans inhabited the planet Onark and built a vast city. In the safety of the jungle outside the city lives Nazae, one of the remaining A’gahi people that has survived the war against the humans. Some of her people have suspiciously gone missing, one of them being her younger brother. When opportunity presents itself, her only hope is to trust one of the enemy, a human girl. The two embark on a mission that will change everything they know about their world.

Visual Development

At the beginning of my project, I started out by illustrating scenes with my characters to get a feel for their relationship dynamic and the tone of the story.

Character Design


  • Main Character
  • Race: A’gahi
  • Traits: Mistrustful, protective over those she is close with, determined, serious demeanor


  • Side character, Nazae’s younger brother
  • Race: A’gahi
  • Traits: curious, innocent, cheerful, loyal


  • Side Character
  • Race: A’gahi
  • Traits: warm, caring, wise


  • Main Character
  • Race: Human
  • Traits: spontaneous, open minded, smart, carefree

Environment Concept Art

Nazae’s Room & Exterior of House

Jungle Sketches, Colour Key, & Style Exploration

Final Comic Pages

Using the character designs and the environment concept art I finished, I began making the comic pages. My process involved sketching thumbnails of each page, lining the pages and adding flat blacks, and colouring and lettering the pages. With the intent to one day see Sacra’s Secret printed as a graphic novel, I formatted the comic pages to the American standard comic book size. While these are only the beginning pages, I hope they can provide some intrigue into the world and the characters. You can see a quick view of the pages below or scroll to the bottom for links to other platforms to read on.

Page 1
Page 2
Page 3

Page 4
Page 5
Page 6

Page 7
Page 8
Page 9
Page 10
Page 11
Page 12
Page 13
Page 14

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Vanessa Yendall

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Hi! I’m Vanessa, an illustrator based in Vancouver, BC creating art in the realm of digital illustrations, comics, and concept art. My art focuses on depictions of otherworldly environments and characters in the sci fi, fantasy, and horror genre. I am available for work in animation and games as a concept, background, and character artist as well as freelance work for graphic novels and comics. Besides art, I like reading, roller skating, swimming, and playing the guitar. 
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