Only God Can Judge Me

Jeremy Hamilton

“Only God Can Judge Me” , 36×48″, Oil on Canvas

“50/50″ , 32×40”, Oil on Canvas
“Guides” 30×40″, Oil on Canvas
“Murder”, 30×40″, Oil on Canvas

Artist Statement:

In my work, I consider art as therapy creating a space for contemplation, where ideas are processed and realized. Memories manifest as shape, colour and form, which evolve into content. I am interested in obscuring personal narrative, giving it less or more meaning as it imbeds into my painting. All ideas derive from memory and are bent from their core leaving little to no ties to the truths of their beginnings. The finished paintings work to create a space of duality between horror and fun, Immediate reactions are forced to be re-evaluated as light and dark exist symbiotically.

Jeremy Hamilton

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Jeremy Hamilton is an Artist from Abbotsford BC.